Wowcrendor is another gaming specified channel. Wowcrendor’s videos are typically oriented more towards comedy videos pertaining to popular video games today. He got his start making World of Warcraft machinima videos back in 2009/2010, and has since then branched off to different paths after earning his Youtube partnership some time ago. He now does vlogging videos about real life topics as well as video games, commentaries for various PC games, FAQ videos, and much more.

I have long admired his work and his style of humour and I feel that for anybody who is into video games, I really recommend checking his videos out as his output (for the most part, as he has had a few duds here and there) consistently remains fantastic and well worth the time spent watching. I love his vast knowledge of video games and pop culture, his seemingly endless voice impressions and his sarcastic style of humour.

If you’re into gaming, check his videos out now. You will not regret it!