Going into Youtube-celebrity territory, a great deal of people already know who the Archfiend is. In case you didn’t know:


TheArchfiend is one of the most acclaimed Youtube channels on the website at the moment, and for good reason. One of the top-tier ranting channels, TheArchfiend discusses and critiques current matters in today’s society, various works of entertainment, and other Youtube channels. His intelligent and articulate delivery, his college education (with a bachelor’s degree from Salisbury University in Maryland) and his interaction with his loyal fans all make for a very well, put together Youtube channel that more people should definitely watch when they can. He has a close knit alliance with other fellow Youtube ranters, such as undertakerfreak1127 (already mentioned in earlier blog post), RantingRamsay and CammehYehBams.

His videos are heavily influenced by many other ranters, the most well-known of them being James Rolfe, or “The Angry Video Game Nerd”.