In this video, OMFGCata joins a Minecraft server that strives to recreate the entire Lord of the Rings universe in game.

For those who don’t know who OMFGCata is, he’s a gaming enthusiast that has a channel on Youtube dedicated to commentaries for various PC games such as Starcraft II, Minecraft, Terraria, Amnesia, The Witcher 2, World of Warcraft, and other popular games similar to those listed above. Very charismatic guy, I enjoy him. I don’t watch his videos as much as I should due to the length of most of them (the average video exceeding 20 minutes), but nonetheless, one of the better channels on Youtube. I also liked how he did some work with Wowcrendor, one of my favourite gaming channels on Youtube.

Anyways, I have to say, this is awesome. Where people find the time and patience to create worlds of this magnitude, I’ll never have a clue. I can imagine that a lot of intricate and thorough planning would have to go into this to make sure it simulates the LOTR universe as much as possible. My favourite part of the video is around the half hour mark, where they head into Rivendale. Then when they go into the underground areas, it gets really neat.