The article reports that Joe Paterno, former coach for the Penn State football team, has recently passed away at the age of 85 due to lung cancer, just two months after the fairly recent Penn State scandal, where Paterno was discovered to have covered up a bunch of rape incidents made by one of the staff (Jerry Sandusky). He was fired shortly after the incident.

While he may have amounted to great things throughout his career, this is definitely a terrible way to go out. I still hold the same opinions in the sense that he should definitely have done a lot more to resolve the incidents that have been going on at the time. For instance, when his superiors decided not to do anything about it, he should have gone straight to the police. It’s not so much a matter of obligation, but more so a matter of moral integrity. And Paterno’s failure to resolve the issues were definitely immoral and reeking of negligence on his part.

Nonetheless, I had a nasty feeling in my gut that he would have died shortly after the incident. I just had a feeling, and I was right.