The article states that a fifth grade elementary school teacher (PS 90, Coney Island, New York) by the name of Stephanie Warner decided to limit the amount of bathroom breaks that children in her class could take to three times during a school week, Monday to Friday.

Apparently, Warner gave students three bathroom vouchers every Monday, and every time the student asks to go to the washroom, he/she must hand in the vouchers, one for every break they have. If they didn’t use up all the bathroom vouchers, they (the students) were allowed to exchange the remaining vouchers for “prizes” that the teacher had, such as candies and school supplies.

I have to say, this is by far, the weirdest way of handling bathroom breaks. Throughout all my time in grade school, this would not have even been considered by my teachers. Rewarding kids for not going to the bathroom? Seriously? I just feel like this could honestly spark some problems because there are some people out there that need frequent bathroom breaks; is the teacher trying to tell those types of kids that they’re just skipping class for needing to go all the time? I fail to see the issue that’s being resolved here; when we gotta go, we gotta go. And if students are leaving frequently to skip class and fool around, then surely it should reflect on your performance as a teacher. That’s just what I think.