Situations like this are why I have lost faith in humanity.

The Penn State fiasco is something that is not exactly new information to the world, and most people are aware of the basic incidents involved with the whole scandal. The persons involved include long-time football coach Jerry Sandusky and head coach Joe Paterno and what the majority of people know about the Penn State scandal is the 2002 incident where the graduate assistant (Mike McQueary) walked in the locker rooms (I think it was to retrieve some tape or something) and witnessed Jerry Sandusky performing various sexual acts on a 10/11 year old boy in one of the showers. The news got to Joe Paterno, who then notified his superiors, who decided not to bring the information to higher authorities. The situation was exposed almost a decade later. Joe Paterno is now fired, and the reputation of Pennsylvania State University is now tarnished for what may be eternity.

Sandusky was creditted for the establishment of the Second Mile program, a youth program that was directed at kids who came from dysfunctional homes. The Second Mile program took place at the university and it involved organizing activities and playing sports with the boys. The boys were usually very young, from around 6 or 7 to the early teens (13, 14). What was unbeknownst to a lot of people until recently was that Sandusky was actually performing sexual acts on many different boys for two or so decades, and there are eight evident cases as written in the jury report. The jury report can be accessed via a link in one of the Archfiend’s video descriptions on the topic.

I am disgusted, I am appalled by what Sandusky has done, especially the fact that he was later released on bail as well. It’s going to take awhile for PSU to repair their reputation after this incident. These are cases of eight people’s lives traumatized forever, and who knows how many other boys that Sandusky indulged himself on in the meantime. These are all cases that happened in the 1990s/early 2000s, so it’s astonishing that PSU has been able to keep it under wraps for so long.

Regardless, there’s always going to be people like this that exist, and sadly, I will never understand any of them or the feelings and strong urges that they feel for young children. What on earth propels them to allow themselves to be so physically, emotionally and sexually attracted to young children that don’t even know how to respond in certain situations? Have they tried counseling to deter from this type of behaviour? Why are they so convinced that a 10 year old child can possess the mental capacity, psychological development and the ability to express intimacy like an adult can?

Pedophilia is not something that I can understand and never will. I do know one thing though…that it’s a sickness, and anybody who exhibits that type of behaviour needs to get help right away, and not integrate with the rest of scoiety until they do so.