Television Show:

It was kind of hard to find an exact example of what was really asked here, but I’ve actually always liked watching the intros to this show. The show is Survivor, and if anybody isn’t familiar with it…a certain number of people are stranded on an island, and every few days, people disappear off the island in a process of elimination determined by certain tasks/challenges the players have to do as well as voting sessions that occur. Eventually, a winner is determined and is given a prize of a million dollars as a reward. The show was immensely popular around 2003-2006. The show has gotten very played out, very repetitive and very stagnant; but I still like some of the weird camera effects and visuals that accompanied the intros. It’s still producing new seasons, but I’ve lost track of what time and what channel it’s on. I’m sure you can find out on their site.

I just don’t know if the Survivor intros qualify as animation…but I still think they’re pretty neat to look at.


I saw this movie a few years ago and even though I wasn’t a huge fan, I’ve always admired how well-done the computer animations were. The movie’s called Beowulf…I watched it about three years ago and haven’t watched it since. I still remember the film for the computer animations alone…I don’t know how many other movies are like this since I’m not a big movie guy in general, but I was amazed at how this movie looked. I hadn’t seen anything else like it at the time.


I honestly just typed “commercial cool animations” into Youtube…and so I found this. Old commercial, but it proves my point. It’s just an advertisement for some old Nokia phone. Commercials tend to have a wide realm of different, creative approaches and there are so many commercials I have seen where the animations were actually very well done. Not all of them are uploaded onto YouTube though.

Children’s Cartoons:


Probably one of the best kid’s shows IMO. I used to LOVE this show as a kid, probably the one I’ve watched the most besides some of Pokemon’s (the cartoon) earlier seasons. They just don’t make shows like these for kids anymore. The show produced episodes between 1991 and 2004, and what you’re actually looking at was the second intro that they made for the show in the 2000s before it was eventually cancelled. There was also eventually a spin-off series called “All Grown Up” where the characters are now all 10-13 years old. The series didn’t even come CLOSE to the original Rugrats, IMO.

Video Games:

My realm of expertise…well, somewhat.

If we’re going to talk video game graphics, it’s only suitable that I use the King as an example. There are now tons of games that more or less have the graphics quality of Crysis, some of them even being better (subjectively), but four years ago, there was no other game out there like this one and it’s only fair that I give it a mention. Crysis is undoubtedly a stunning game, and I’ve also found it to be quite enjoyable as well (I think I got to the last level, then I had a virus and had to wipe my hard-drive and my save file went along with it, so I really couldn’t be bothered to start a new game). I liked the wide amount of things you can do in the game, and the different ways you can approach situations. If you enter a base, you can choose to go in and shoot everybody up, throw grenades and blow things up, choose a more stealthy approach using the cloak ability provided, etc.