The above articles describe a new series of problems that have occurred from wearing certain Halloween costumes. Apparently, these Halloween costumes depict offensive caricatures and imagery of different races, and there are people that are beginning to speak out against it. The examples shown in particular in the articles are supposed “depictions” of black people, and students from Ohio University are claiming that costumes akin to the ones shown are acts of racism and are now campaigning against wearing said costumes in hopes that the “racism” stop.

As you can see from the hint of bias in the quoted words, you can pretty much guess what my thoughts are on this subject.

Speaking about the costumes itself, I couldn’t extract one thing from any of the costumes listed that would be considered even remotely offensive or derogatory. Halloween is supposed to be a holiday for people that want to unleash their inner creativity, and it is the one day where it is widely acceptable to do so in a manner of carefree spontaneity. When someone puts on a Halloween costume, I highly doubt that the costume wearer is participating for the sole purpose of hurting someone’s feelings instead of just having a good time. Even if the costume in question is intended to poke fun at a certain group of people, it’s really not a matter to get all riled up about, especially if the costume wearer is not going out of their way to cause trouble and do harmful things to other people.

To me, this just looks like another case of people that are starving for attention, people that are desperate to be heard, and people that have the mentality that playing the victim is the solution to all of their problems. Instead of ignoring the problem or developing a sense of humour and going along with it, they’re making it a bigger issue than it really has to be. Nothing personal is being said or done, so what is the problem? Has the population of our planet really become so angst-ridden, so weakminded, so attention starved and so blinded by the desire for self-importance that they need to start campaigns against wearing certain Halloween costumes? It’s just a Halloween costume. It has no reflection on who they are as people, they just simply want to dress up to celebrate and have a good time, not to envoke political disputes and introduce segregation of other people.