Done by Rachel M.

Done by Rachel M.

What you are looking at now is the graphic novel project that I have been delightfully working on for the past week or so. This comic tells the tale of two superhumans, one of them being Lizarda, a scientist from Stockton, California turned into a biological monstrosity after a drink of hers was spiked with neurotoxins by a jealous co-worker. The comic also features “Insitum”, a 17 year old with a very subtle identity. His specified origins are unknown, but he has been rumoured to have died at birth and revived as the product of a genetic experiement on his dead corpse.

The two of them end up meeting in Los Angeles, California where Lizarda is seen in one of her many tirades after the incident. While Insitum tries to put an end to the chaos using empowered grenades, he fails to kill Lizarda, and end up meeting later, where Lizarda tries to recruit Insitum in her favour.

I was the creator behind Insitum, with Rachel McGleish, the creator of Lizarda. I wanted a character that was very subtle but still very powerful at the same time, while possessing superior intelligence and reflexes transcending beyond human capabilities. My inspiration is drawn from the likes of Alma and Paxton Fettel, the main antagonists of the F.E.A.R. video game series as well as Alex Mercer, the main protagonist of Prototype (video game). “Insitum” is also Latin for “innate”, in the sense that he possesses innate power and wisdom, which is why I ultimately ended up choosing the name I have now.

The comic book has two parts. Rachel M. worked on the first part where it basically tells the prologue (i.e, Lizarda’s inception) of the story and how everything came to be. What this part of the comic basically describes is an event that takes place after the prologue, so I guess it would be the main story…or…just one part in a series of events that happen to occur.

My art skills also show once again, and whether they are a complimentary art style that affects the quirky atmosphere of the setting or if they just look like some third grader hyped up on sugar cubes drew them is really up to the perception of the reader; as it can be looked at both ways, and quite frankly, I feel that it delivers in both aspects. There’s also still a lot of colouring in and shading in that needed to be done but I did my best to try and make it at least good enough to the point where it’s not too visually appalling.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.