Nothing is more pleasant than a nice trip down memory lane. 🙂

For anybody who is unfamiliar with who GuitarJono1170 is, he is best known for the Modern Warfare 2 freakout video around late 2009/early 2010 where he expresses his immense distaste for the game which was just released at the time. He claimed to have played it for 17 hours straight, and is seen punching a wall and crying in fits of rage.

That wasn’t the only crazy antics he’s performed in his depressing YouTube existence. Other videos feature him singing (very poorly), poor attempts to copy the MW2 video which granted him fame for a short while, and he even made a video timing himself taking a dump (that was later removed due to very poor ratings).

He is also an aspiring dancer (as you can see here) and decided to do a “birthday dance”. At the time this video this made, he had turned 19. Not very many people know about this video, but it’s a real hit or miss (in terms of comical value). I personally found it to be hilarious, especially my first time watching it.