Many times, you will be listening to a song or watching a band perform, whether it be their own original piece or a cover of a popular song. Many times, you will simply watch in puzzlement, wondering who the hell let those guys near musical instruments, let alone put their hands on them and play (or at least attempt to, poorly) them. The video you’re about to see is one of such cases.

Here, a merry little bunch of humble entertainers attempt to perform the song “Poison” by Alice Cooper. I was actually watching this performance last night (in tears, of course) and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what song they were trying to cover (probably because I was too busy, collapsed in hysterics). I automatically assumed that the song was a cover since it was made pretty obvious that these guys are virtually incapable of writing their own music. It wasn’t until today that I finally listened to the lyrics…and now I’m disappointed, for a good hard rock song has been forever tarnished with this theatrical malarcky etched in my mind.

I hope you brought extra Kleenex. Get ready to start crying (whether it be from laughter, or from pure misery).