Superhero’s Name: Insitum

True Identity: Alex Borden

Occupation: (Neutral) A 17-year-old high school student with superpowers specifying in biological mutation, advanced motor skills, intelligence, time manipulation and stealth.

Superhero’s Origin: Died at birth and resurrected with mind, motor coordination and perception severely altered due to a defect in the hospital’s attempt to use his carcass for a genetic experiment.

Signification: Nobody truly knows who “Insitum” is as he possesses a very subtle and versatile idenitity that transforms into an all-out monstrosity when angered (biological mutations, hands turning into blades, hammers, giant fists, whips, etc.). Insitum is a neutral superhuman and alhough passive, his abiliy to completely warp his antagonists and kick butt doing so should not be underestimated.