This poster was a bit more complicated to make than the banner was. This poster involved copying, pasting and using the polygonal lasso on various pictures that I found on the net. Since this movie is not very well-known, I had a little trouble finding material that I could put on the poster, so I don’t think the poster is as good as it could be. I could’ve copied and pasted the original art on the poster(shown below this paragraph) and did something with that (which was my original plan), but I tried to be a little creative with this one and make it my own. Nevertheless, this is the poster and the pictures that I used are shown below.

In the first picture, I used the polygonal lasso on the woman on the left, made another copy of the picture I cut out, moved it to the other side of the poster and flipped it horizontally. I then had to erase her bottom half with the soft brush so the title would fit. I did the same thing with the three people to the left of Johnny Dangerously (the guy in the middle) on the second picture. I also took the title “Johnny Dangerously” from the second picture, pasted it onto the poster, and slightly erased the bottoms of all the letters so it would have a bit of a faded look.

I cut out the respected characters from the third, fourth and fifth pictures, moved them into their positions on the poster and changed their artstyle so they would have a bit more of an “artsy” look to them (I’m using that term a bit loosely here). Nothing much to say about them…

The promotional information at the bottom of the poster was taken from the sixth picture I have posted here. I inversed it so it would be black, and I actually had to flatten the poster so I could erase the edges so it would blend in with the black background.

I found the tagline in a picture similar to the first and last photos I have listed. Obviously the layout is a little different than from the pictures shown. I copied and paste the photo, used the marquee tool to cut it out, inversed it, and the rest is history.

Many edits later, and we have the poster at the top of the page as is.