Movie Banner:

This was a pretty easy banner to make.

-I painted the background black.

-I copied and pastedthe picture shown below onto the background.

-I then cut out the title “Johnny Dangerously” and pasted it onto the background.

-I feathered out the edges so the title looked smoother. I also moved the title into its current position on the banner.

-I then took this picture:

And cut out the two guys (Johnny Dangerously and Danny Vermin) in the middle, pasted them onto the background and adjusted their hue so they were black and white.

-I then erased the edges a bit with the soft brush so the two of them blended into the background.

-I then typed out the words “WITH MICHAEL KEATON” and “DECEMBER 21”. This movie was released in American theatres on December 21, 1984.

And that was how I made the banner at the top of the page.