The long-running dispute between Apple and Samsung over Samsung’s alleged violation of patents is still going strong ever since the feud began in April. The latest episode in the long-running battle involves Apple’s decision to ban sales of Galaxy smartphones in Japan due to the violation of patents that relate to the iPhone and iPad. Apple reports that Samsung’s line of galaxy smartphones “slavishly” copied the iPhone and iPad, and the company continues to pursue their efforts in obtaining justice, for lack of better words.

I remember hearing about the series of events unfold back in April of 2011 and I couldn’t understand why Apple would sue Samsung over something like this. To me, it’s comparable to one car company suing another simply because a car looks like theirs, regardless of the fact that all cars are made to serve the same purpose. I don’t own an iPhone or a Galaxy phone so I can’t really give a biased opinion on the subject. I’m just still shocked that the whole dispute is going on.