Final Task

My Top 5 Blog Posts (in no order):

1. “Don’t Follow Your Dream”

I found the article linked in this blog post very intriguing. To this day, I still stand by what was said in the blog post, that a lot of success in life is circumstantial, and hard work/dedication can only go so far. The article made a lot of good points that I agree with, and I have always felt that “following dreams” never really meant anything; whatever happens in life happens despite the work and effort you put to get there.

2.  My Halloween Blog Posts

I liked the little rant that I did on this subject. It just makes me so angry to see such insignificant matters take up news, and I feel that my blog post does a good job of reflecting my emotion. Again, my opinion still stands regarding self pity and posing as the victim for sympathy, money, attention and other things like that. I thought it was very well done, though it may be a little bit abrasive to some people.

3.  The Bad Mariachi Band

Possibly one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. I still remember looking at this in class and laughing my face off through all the silence at the time. Everything was just simply bad, from the out-of-key trumpet player, to the atrocious violin playing, to the terrible singing…everything was just…BAD.

4.  GuitarJono1170’s Birthday Dance

In this blog post, I introduce readers to the late GuitarJono1170 who made various videos on the web including the unbelievably odd video that I linked in the post. Again, I liked the video, I found it to be very funny, and I just couldn’t wait to write an article about this guy. Sooner or later, it had to be done.

5.  The Street Cleaning Game

Nope…I didn’t get the game.

But I do remember this blog post. And I’m really glad everyone enjoyed the video. This was honestly one of those things that I stumbled across while reading on the Internet, and I decided to blog it. There’s really no other explanation.



1.  The Pasta Night Poster

I’m honestly surprised how good it looks from far away. There are a few mishaps with the poster (I forgot to erase the edge of the pasta picture on the left), but at least it looks adequate; it’s not too unorganized and all over the place like some of the other stuff I did, the movie poster for example. Now THAT was awful.

Nonetheless, simple, yet enthralling. I like to think of this as staying true to the “less is more” philosophy. I’m really happy with it.

2.  The Batman Returns Poster

I know, this is technically not my work and more of a tutorial on how to use Photoshop, but I’m just so happy on how this turned out. I don’t think I’ve ever made something that looked this good; I’m just not that creative on the visual arts side of things, never have been. This kind of gave me the little boost of confidence I needed throughout the semester to be able to produce good (sort of) output.

That may have been a little cheesy, but whatever.

3.  My Culture Jam

I love this picture, I don’t know why. No other explanation, really.

And now for the final nail in the coffin:

I have to say, a lot of things happened this year that I didn’t think I would look back on now with memories and nostalgia. This video is just one of many examples how we have to cherish every moment we have in life. It is only then that we could look back on the past with a sense of satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment.

As for 2011, I’d like to think of 2011 as the new chapter in my life. I had moved schools, I had recovered from depression, I’m slightly improving my social skills, I’m enjoying my job, and just tons more little things that made 2011 such a far cry from what my life was like in 2008, 2009 and 2010. And for me, the littlest things mean everything in the world, because I was in a position where I had lost everything upon moving to Oakville. 2011 was the first step into recovery; it was that year that I had finally began taking initiative, and things are slowly getting better for me. If anything, 2011 is a good sign that 2012 may be even better; as things can’t get much worse than the last couple years. However, a whole lot of things can get better this year.

Overall, 2011 was not great, it was far from what I would call one of my “good” years, but at least my life is beginning to come together again. Unfortunately, I doubt that things will get better than they way they were when I was little.

2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 will always be my best years.




Youtube Channel to Check Out: wowcrendor

Wowcrendor is another gaming specified channel. Wowcrendor’s videos are typically oriented more towards comedy videos pertaining to popular video games today. He got his start making World of Warcraft machinima videos back in 2009/2010, and has since then branched off to different paths after earning his Youtube partnership some time ago. He now does vlogging videos about real life topics as well as video games, commentaries for various PC games, FAQ videos, and much more.

I have long admired his work and his style of humour and I feel that for anybody who is into video games, I really recommend checking his videos out as his output (for the most part, as he has had a few duds here and there) consistently remains fantastic and well worth the time spent watching. I love his vast knowledge of video games and pop culture, his seemingly endless voice impressions and his sarcastic style of humour.

If you’re into gaming, check his videos out now. You will not regret it!

Nickelback Responds To Hate Comments On Twitter

Taken from article:

“The band recently received a tweet saying: “Was driving down the street, and a @Nickelback song came on. I had an aneurism and violently s**t myself at the same time. And my dog died.” The band quickly went on to reply: “I bet it was the best day you’ve had in awhile. #yourwelcome.” The social networking conversation continued: “Nickelback came on the radio… Worse than rebecca black #earsbleeding.” The band then responded: “Then it’s working?!?!? Sweet!”

The article also mentions word about The Black Keys dissing on Nickelback.

“This follows the band’s response to The Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney who claimed there was a lull in guitar groups coming to the fore, blaming Nickelback for rock’n’roll’s decline.

“He told Rolling Stone: “Rock’n’roll is dying because people became OK with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world… So they became OK with the idea that the biggest rock band in the world is always going to be s**t – therefore you should never try to be the biggest rock band in the world. F**k that.””

With tongue placed firmly in cheek, Nickelback responded via Twitter writing:

Thanks to the drummer in The Black Keys calling us the Biggest Band in the World in Rolling Stone. Hehe.

All the italicized text was taken from the article linked at the top of the page.

I gotta hand it to Nickelback, I’ve always admired their personalities and the way they handle all the hate that they get. Their hate certainly isn’t unwarranted as I do believe that they are indeed a TERRIBLE band for many of the same reasons that they are commonly hated (and more), but I’ve always admired their attitudes; they know how to brush the hate off and rebut with simple, tongue-in-cheek comebacks.

It always makes me laugh to see bands diss each other, as shown above. When a respected band talks trash about a talentless, commonly hated band, it gives me this warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Being the cynicist that I am, it feels good (in a strange, peculiar way) to know that there are famous people out there that feel the way I’m feeling, and are willing to throw the whole idea of good public image out the window to speak their mind.

I may sound cruel for saying this, but more music artists should be like the Black Keys; if enough of them express their distaste for Nickelback, then maybe they’ll start to reconsider the quality of their career as a band. Help the world by eliminating one horrible band at a time. 🙂

Worst Power Metal Band

I don’t even know where to start; the repetitive guitar work, the awful melodic components, the laughably bad singing, thee stage presence, the lyrics…everything that could possibly go wrong in a metal band has gone wrong in this fateful performance. There’s really not much else to say. This is just so bad, it’s unbelievable how BAD it is. They need to start by getting rid of that girl (I think she’s gone now) singing, as her delivery both in vocals and stage performanceis abysmal to say the least. Next, the guitar should also have a purpose other than just background noise, and not somebad-sounding keyboard acting as the only melodic component to the song.

The band is called Skylark. One of the lesser known power metal bands, and wiith good reason. Watch the video to see why.


Youtube Channel To Check Out: TheArchfiend

Going into Youtube-celebrity territory, a great deal of people already know who the Archfiend is. In case you didn’t know:

TheArchfiend is one of the most acclaimed Youtube channels on the website at the moment, and for good reason. One of the top-tier ranting channels, TheArchfiend discusses and critiques current matters in today’s society, various works of entertainment, and other Youtube channels. His intelligent and articulate delivery, his college education (with a bachelor’s degree from Salisbury University in Maryland) and his interaction with his loyal fans all make for a very well, put together Youtube channel that more people should definitely watch when they can. He has a close knit alliance with other fellow Youtube ranters, such as undertakerfreak1127 (already mentioned in earlier blog post), RantingRamsay and CammehYehBams.

His videos are heavily influenced by many other ranters, the most well-known of them being James Rolfe, or “The Angry Video Game Nerd”.

Youtube Channel To Check Out: ExposingLames

ExposingLames, commonly referred to by fans as “The Solid Rev” is a gaming specified channel. He does many impressions and reviews on today’s games such as Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Batman: Arkham City. He also discusses current gaming news and gives his opinions on certain matters regarding such. He also does some gaming commentaries which are hilarious to watch. His abrasive opinions, bad temper and vulgar language make him not only a hilarious Youtube channel, but I also find his videos rather enlightening and informative despite how unstable he may come across at times. Anybody with a good albeit crude sense of humour is bound to chuckle at a few of his videos.

Warning: His videos contain TONS of explicit language. Not appropriate for school, work or anybody who can’t handle vulgar language.

Minecraft Server Recreates LOTR’s Middle Earth

In this video, OMFGCata joins a Minecraft server that strives to recreate the entire Lord of the Rings universe in game.

For those who don’t know who OMFGCata is, he’s a gaming enthusiast that has a channel on Youtube dedicated to commentaries for various PC games such as Starcraft II, Minecraft, Terraria, Amnesia, The Witcher 2, World of Warcraft, and other popular games similar to those listed above. Very charismatic guy, I enjoy him. I don’t watch his videos as much as I should due to the length of most of them (the average video exceeding 20 minutes), but nonetheless, one of the better channels on Youtube. I also liked how he did some work with Wowcrendor, one of my favourite gaming channels on Youtube.

Anyways, I have to say, this is awesome. Where people find the time and patience to create worlds of this magnitude, I’ll never have a clue. I can imagine that a lot of intricate and thorough planning would have to go into this to make sure it simulates the LOTR universe as much as possible. My favourite part of the video is around the half hour mark, where they head into Rivendale. Then when they go into the underground areas, it gets really neat.


Guy Stalks The Freakout Kid IRL

I understand that this is an old video, but not a lot of people have seen it, so I thought I’d just link the video here.

The main premise of this video was a group of guys following Stephen Quire (also known as “The Freakout Kid”) around L.A., where him and his family were on vacation. The next day (also shown on film), they get into a little confrontation which I have to admit is a little interesting. I however, am not fond of how intrusive the guys were in starting this whole fiasco since I don’t like being confrontational when I don’t have to be, and I can understand Stephen’s situation quite well. However, it is still debatable on whether or not Stephen’s actions on camera contain enough merit for a little payback.

What do you think? Do you think the guy deserved it or not?